Saturday, January 2, 2010

2,557 pics in December

Just to recap I decided in order to get better at taking pictures I had to take a LOT of pictures. The idea was to both get better at framing, composition and learning how to use a camera. At first I gave myself the task of 1,000 pictures taken in the month of December. There were no other rules than that but I knew I was trying to get better so I didn't just take 1,000 pictures of my feet.

It wasn't long before I realized that 1,000 pictures in San Diego in December was too easy of a goal. I live near Balboa Park, I went to Disneyland for a day and the holidays brought festivals with plenty of decorations. After the first week I decided 2,500 pictures was a better challenge.

It's January now and I finished Dec. with 2576 pictures. 678 of them taken with my phone the rest with my canon powershot. I'm going through them now and doing some editing and finally deleting the failed shots. I would say only about 15-20% of them are actually good shots. As the month went by I actually took more bad pictures. I think it was because I was stepping out and experimenting more with settings and trying several times to get a good shot of the same thing.

As I go through the rest of the pictures I'll post with any comments. For now though I'll get back to editing since I know this is about the point ADD kicks in and people stop reading posts.

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