Thursday, July 29, 2010

Leaving San Diego 3

After saying goodbye to Betty’s I looked at a few other restaurants. The thai place that is known for being a gay dating place. So much so that I would often go on a date and see someone else I had just gone on a date with earlier in the month. The Jewish Deli, fast food Greek place, The best pizza place then the second best pizza place where we eat salad. Then the coffee shop I wrote in for the last six months. It wasn’t fun and there was no happiness in these visits. It’s odd going into a place that has been a staple in your life for at least a decade and thinking it may be the last time you’ll ever see it.

One restaurant that wasn’t a staple was Brian’s. I’d eaten there but usually late at night when most other places were closed and I was too drunk to worry about how fattening the food was. I didn’t go to say goodbye really, I went because a friend wanted to go. While we were waiting for our food an ex walked in. A serious one. Over seven years together and I hadn’t seen him since the break up. He was with the friend that became his boyfriend after we broke up. He looked like Hell. When we broke up I thought he’d taken the best years of my life but he looked so bad I think I may have taken his. This was a happy goodbye to a place and a person I would probably never see again.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Moving to Atlanta, Leaving San Diego Post 2

I’m going to dinner with a few friends since I’m leaving. Part of me wants to go to places I’ve never gone to but always wanted to but instead I’m going to all of the places that have been regulars over the years.

Baja Betty’s. I was here at the opening when it was called Margarita Mary’s until it was sued by some dark business overlord somewhere and was forced to change the name. I was also here for several of the anniversary parties many times randomly walking in on the right day for free food. I watched the initial group of really hot guy waiters dwindle down to the more reliable and more professional average looking waiters.

One of my 40th birthday parties was held here (I had several parties the same year NOT turning 40 several times) as well as many of my friends b’days. This was also the scene of an admirers ,Gunther, famous breakdown when I decided waiting two hours for a table for 12 was just too long. Its when I got the infamous “why do you hate me” text message. Later that night he was mugged after a good old fashioned white trash trailer park style argument in front of my apartment.

Adios Betty’s and Buenos Suerte. In tribute I pour half of the signature drink, a kick ass margarita, on the curb. (not really, at 7 bucks a piece that’s just crazy)


May 1, 2010

I'm moving to Atlanta. Probably.

Reed called to tell me he has an interview for an internship in Atlanta for a company that makes baby clothes. Perfect for him and it sounds like a perfect fit. Time to get ready.

A large part of going somewhere is saying goodbye to the place you're leaving. Sometimes it's as easy as turning your back on a place you can't wait to leave but I really like San Diego and have had six great years here. Out of ten. That's more than fifty percent.

It's the right time. I can feel it in the air. My friend Alej is moving to Long Beach and moving on with his life with his new partner. Nobody needs me in San Diego, I don't have a car, I don't have any commitments and I'm really wanting a new experience. So Atlanta it is.

I nearly moved to Atlanta before the Olympics in 1995. I had just gotten my massage license and wanted to move so I could work on world class athletes. I don't remember why I didn't make the move out of Florida then but I didn't. Maybe a boyfriend. Probably a boyfriend.

Atlanta won't be my first time in the South either. I lived in New Orleans in the 80's and would like being back close to the Carolinas and some green landscapes. And it's cheaper to live there according to several articles. So Atlanta it is.