Tuesday, February 16, 2010

random things today.

Watching a commercial on a new suv with dvd players in the back seats with headphone jacks for each seat I had to wonder what my white relatives thought in their covered wagon from Kentucky to Missouri. Where they proud of their top of the line wagon with actual shocks and spare wooden wheel? Did they show off with pride the modern color of their canvas cover? I could imagine them dreaming of flat paved roads and of places where they could stop for a quick bite to eat or spend the night. Windows and soft seats probably crossed their minds as well. I guess it's good they didn't know they couldn't live without CD players, Radios or DVD Players... since none of those things had been invented yet.

Campbell's has a new commercial boasting 32 feet of egg noodle in each chicken noodle soup can. The ad shows a boy literally sucking the noodles off a billboard across an alley. After the commercial runs I don't think about buying soup. I think about that proud look on the mom's face that her son can suck the noodles off a can of soup.

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