Saturday, September 12, 2009

The creative process...

The more you write the more creative you get. For me the more I'm supposed to write or the closer I am to a deadline the more creative I get. But it's a creativity deferred.

For example... here's my head just this morning.

"ok.. this morning I have to finish up a first draft on this essay

Or I could read one of the ones that's near finished out loud. They always sound different out loud. No I should wit for an audience to do that. Where would I find an audience at this hour? Ok no I'll just work on this draft.

That was a good movie last night. I have to remember to write a review for it. I wonder i could ever be a professional movie reviewer? Probably not since I really only like to watch movies I only like to watch. I wonder what it takes to get movie reviewer jobs... I'll look it up real quick.

Ok back to this essay. It's actually pretty good. I think I could punch up that second part.... but this is the first draft I'll worry about that later. Maybe a few notes. Oh.. what was it I thought of last night? hmm.. maybe John knows. I'll send him a text to see if he remembers.

While I'm texting I should see what Tyrone is doing. He's off maybe he'll want to go to lunch or the zoo.

I should go to a coffee shop and write. I can concentrate better and it will give my roommate some privacy.

I wonder how Reed is. I'll see if he's somewhere he can take a phone call.

Ok the coffee shop is great I should take a few moments to write down the idea I had on the way over. Nothing too intricate just a little note on my facebook.

Think I would write better with a cupcake? maybe sugar will give me energy. I'll just look it up real quick.

Ok.. back to the essay.

Didn't hear back from John or Tyrone.

I should get a burrito.

I should check and see what Reed is doing.

Ok have to check my sites to see if anyone is wanting a massage. I have to make some money after all. Might as well check out some chat rooms too.

Look at all the fatties ordering cupcakes. I should write something about that.

Ok facebook is up and I have a few postings.. better check. I have to keep up with people after all.

Oh right.. I just remembered about that idea about my childhood. I'll just write a few paragraphs of that.

Holy crap that homeless crazy bitch just walked in and knocked a chair over and walked back out! I have to tell everyone since I already have facebook up.

cupcake. No I might go to lunch with someone later.

Reed posted he got a tablet. I should look that up and see what he's talking about.

What is that woman looking for? Stupid bitch just walking around. Probably an electric outlet? I'm just going to ignore her.

Should I write about that conversation I just had with that woman? No.. well maybe later I have to work on this essay.

I'm sure hungry. Where is Ty? Maybe we could go to the zoo.

I've been working on this essay for three hours and haven't gotten past two paragraphs! What the hell? How does this happen? I should write about that.

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