Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Who wrote his crap?

Who wrote this crap anyway?

I recently wrote a short note just to keep writing and to put down an idea I had. The idea was that I could also pull it up again later and maybe brush it off and fill it out more.

When I write I will sometimes scribble something down on paper or just type up some bullet points or an outline then come back and look at them with a fresh eye. As I'm writing I say in my head everything I'm writing so I will know what it will sound like if it's read out loud.

It doesn't work that way.

I read the few paragraphs to a friend. First reading of an unedited piece and thought to myself. Who wrote this crap? Repeated words. Repeated subjects of the sentence. It was like reading something translated from another language. Poorly.

It's a good lesson though. I need to literally read everything I write aloud. Maybe record it if I don't have an audience. The difference is a little frightening.

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