Thursday, July 21, 2011

The amazing journey to getting published

It's not amazing.. it's a tedious and annoying process. It doesn't help that I'm doing all of this in a time when the publishing industry changes nearly every day. Every opinion or suggestion on how to get things done properly has an expiration date and too often the author doesn't bother to date his statement.

That being said... I really feel a sense of accomplishment with this first book being available for sale. Electronically for now but my proofs of the hard copy are due to be here next week. It's about time. I'm so tired of looking at this work. Every time I see the title or any of the content I look at it like a husband I want to kill. "Oh.. you again.. go away".

I'll have to get over that since the idea is to do readings of my own work in front of people that give me money. I have a lot of practice saying the same thing over and over and over so maybe it will be something I'll just get used to. It will be nice to have a rotating audience that isn't sick of my stories yet. Unlike at home.

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