Saturday, July 23, 2011

Found on the ground

Found on the ground.

I’ve always found some cool stuff on the ground. So much so I’ve decided to make that a topic of an essay in my upcoming book. Today, for example, I found coins from Mexico, Denmark and Spain on the streets of Atlanta. They were just laying there like they had been spilled from a piggy bank or discarded by a thief who realized he couldn’t spend them.
I’ve kept a tally of what what I’ve found. A gold necklace, cash, and, strangely, high number of shoes (the shoes I leave behind in case the owner comes back to find them). I think the most fascinating thing I’ve found is a huge “marital aid” roughly the size of a paper towel tube complete with remote control.
I didn’t pick up the dildo but it was in my regular walking path and, after a sleepless night wondering how it could have found itself on the side of the hiway, I wanted to see it again. It was gone when I came back. It wasn’t a well walked road so I’m guessing it was carried off by a near-sighted coyote.

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  1. I haven't found much more than a $10 bill and some change, but you've inspired me to keep my eye out for more "interesting" things.