Saturday, August 8, 2009

All my jobs

All my Jobs

I'm getting together some notes for my second series of essays I want to publish and much of it concerns jobs that I've had over the years. When in grade school I told a teacher that I wanted to be a writer and she asked me what I could possibly write about since I hadn't lived very long and hadn't done anything. This was either very wise or she was a bitch. Possibly both.

Regardless of how she meant it I took took it to heart and vowed to live life and do things. This also meant to me that I would have a lot of jobs. This turned out to be one of the few vows to myself I've held consistently.

After moving out of Missouri my first job was waiting tables at a variety of different places. Then on to substitute teacher, engraver, pet shop boy (I tamed birds for a pet shop), aquarium maintenance person, stripper, ballroom dance teacher, cruise escort. Ballroom dance competitor then back to waiting tables while I became a massage therapist then a candle maker. This takes me to California

In CA I've been a coffee enema consultant (not for starbucks), Travel agent, Real estate agent, property manager, business speaker, stand up comedian and most recently.. Flight attendant.

Now that's living! if I can't fill a book with stories from that.. there's no way I would ever be able to.

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