Friday, August 14, 2009

How did they do it?

It was ironic that I saw an old fashioned type writer yesterday after my laptop froze up and went into a mini coma. Not just old fashioned like it was before electric. I mean really old like cast iron with keys that gave your fingers a power work out. I imagine the secretaries at the time had hands that looked like a bouquet of sausages or balloon animals.

My writing style has a lot of cut and pasting.. a lot of punching in ideas then erasing them as I incorporate them. It makes me wonder how the hell anyone could have written a book by hand. Or even by use of a typewriter without auto correct. It would be interesting to see the way the process used to work.


I have A Cat Among Pigeons on audio right now and I heard the best line... "no permanent abode". I love it! so much classier than saying "hobo" or "homeless crack head" I may name my 3rd book that.

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