Friday, August 28, 2009

Back to school

Several of my friends that have lost their jobs are making the decision to go back to school. A few of my friends that are still in school are also heading back or are already in class. It's got me thinking maybe I should go back to school.

While everyone else has had to think long and hard about what they're going to do and what classes they'll take I didn't have to. I decided in a matter of moments that if I do go back to school I'm going back to 3rd grade. It's more than the thought of crayons and pencil boxes with built in sharpeners that appeals to me.

There are some decided advantages of going back to 3rd grade as an adult. For one I should be the smartest in class. Of course if I'm not and someone else does better than I do then that kid is a genius and I really can't be expected to best a genius anyway. History especially should be easier the second time around and anything past the 70's I would have first hand knowledge of anyway.

Of course the social part may be a little awkward. I would expect to be the tallest in class again but this time by 2-3 feet. If I get a crush on the teacher I could actually do something about it. Though He/She would probably be 10 years younger. Of course the bonus would be I would be the best hung boy in class.. finally.

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