Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Business writing...

I've been listening to Malcolm Gladwells book Outliers and the basic theme is how luck does play a lot more in success than what most people think. It's made me think of an idea for a book. yeah.. yet another book.. for small business in the business philosophy genre.

When I spoke on business topics before I often said the only luck you could have was where you were born and who you were born to. Or in other words born in a country that gives you opportunity and your parents raised you were two of the only advantages you could have that you have nothing to do with. After about half of this book I'll add to the luck list "when you were born". There are just times in history where there is more opportunity. Mr Gladwell makes this point by pointing out of the top 28 richest people in all of history 8 of them were born within 9 years of each other.

So what does this do for me exactly? I think we're at the beginning of a point where fortunes will be made. This latest economic downturn caused a lot of chaos but this is always the beginning steps of success. People stuck in jobs they didn't like by no fault of their own are now starting businesses or starting something they really enjoy. The illusion of security because they're working for someone else finally shattered.

I see an opportunity to help train these people starting small businesses or changing the way they feel about their work life. A book on common myths of business, how to build a clientelle and how to spot the scams out there are all topics of spoken on and written about in the past.

But what does this mean to my current project? I can't switch again. It would be like an addict justifying one more hit of heroin. So I'll just have to write my essays faster spending more time on getting them done.

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