Saturday, June 20, 2009

I am back from the hunt!

I'm in California today. San Mateo California which is near the airport. The hotel is nice enough but the surrounding neighborhood is loud, dirty and a bit run down. There isn't much in the way of restaurants but I had to get out and I had to eat. A bottle of not too bad wine and a frozen meatloaf dinner are my spoils.

I'm in CA for a meeting at the corporate office. I've been suspended with pay for a little over a week and Monday I find out if I still have my job. It's a long in depth story that of course I'll have to write but not today. If I end up fired I'll have plenty of time to write about it then.

My plan is to eat my now cooling frozen dinner have a glass of wine... or in this case a coffee cup of wine.. or two. I have the skeleton of my current story constructed. Plot, characters, setting and even an epiphany.

The meeting isn't until Monday so I have all weekend to sit around. Even though I'm here near San Francisco I'm probably not going to go much further than where I can walk from the hotel. If I still have my job I plan on coming back with my boyfriend for vacation so I can explore San Fran more then. Besides.. it's cold and windy.

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