Thursday, June 18, 2009

A snapshot in life moment.

The plan yesterday was to grab my notebook and my boyfriend and head to the beach to do some writing or take some notes for "Invaders". It seemed like the good idea. The boyfriend is an illustration student working on some projects and can really work about anywhere that has a flat surface and sufficient lighting. It's not ideal that I'm not typing in my work but it's not completely unproductive to put it on paper either.

We grabbed food for lunch, packed the backpack with towels, notebooks and sunscreen and decided on the beach. Then we got the call from a friend that there was a boat trip being planned. It seems he expected us to drop all of our plans and just go out on the boat for the day. Which we did.

Not much illustration got done and not much work on Invaders got done.. however it was a great experience and I did get a little further on my tan. I'm alone today so it's a good day to actually write.

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