Saturday, June 20, 2009

uh oh.. seems I haven't changed much

here's an excerpt from my old live journal. I seem to have a recurring theme!

Feb. 8th, 2005 08:25 am Knocking around

Yesterday I started my taxes and what do I find in the mail? a 1099 for a prize from a game show that I forfeited. Now I have to wade through this mess if the show is even still on the air. It sucked pretty bad.

I tried to play Evita yesterday which I only have on VHS and lo and behold my VCR isnt' hooked up! I've gone quite a while without watching a videotape I guess. As a matter of fact I pulled PowerTool out and I didn't even know I had that. ( I like the classics )

I spent a lot of yesterday bouncing around writing projects I'm working on. I put in a lot of raw infor for a book that's barely past idea form that I want to call "how to scam an American". Talking about the scams and lies we see and don't see and how sometimes we just accept them and move on.

I looked over a contract for a law friend. He wrote it late at night and wanted to make sure he didn't go braindead and it all made sense the next day.

One of my friends is about to get screwed by his future ex-roommate so I've been keeping track of all the red flags we've seen in his personality that would let him justify it to himself. I started keeping track of culture and personality traits that keep people undermining themselves and keeping them poor. The basic things are pretty evident.. not thinking past next week.. too much emphasis on buying products that they think give them status but really just suck down their funds... Save a buck today that coast them 30 bucks tomorrow.. etc.

But that makes my brain hurt sometimes so I'm going to watch Fairly Oddparents today.

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