Monday, August 16, 2010

Leaving San Diego 10

I like you, do you like me? yes or no circle one.

That’s the topic of my most common note. None of them have dates but by the gray/beige of he paper and the really wide lines of the pencil leads I would say they date back to around 1976 to 1978 or in other words second to fourth grade. The common theme seems to be attraction with an undertone of rejection fear. The writers have been so kind as to make the response easy and concise though they don’t see, to leave room for explanation of any sort. Of course, as easy as it was to reply, it seems I never did since I still have the notes.

I don’t fool myself into thinking I was particularly popular in grade school. It was merely a fact of the numbers. I got the note because it was my turn. With only fifty boys in our grade at Westview grade school everyone got his chance at a “Do you like me” note.

As I’m sorting through my saved notes I have to wonder why I saved these. When I moved out of my parents house in 1985 there were hundreds of these little notes that I’d saved over they years. I thought I’d thrown them all out. I don’t know how these notes made it to round two of note hoarding. I recognize the few that have names but that doesn’t give me a clue as to why I’ve saved them. I guess it wasn’t important or at least isn’t important anymore. Trash.

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