Sunday, August 29, 2010

Leaving San Diego 13

My stack of letters hasn’t shrunk noticeably so I decided to pack them up and take them on the train with me up to Los Angeles to see Joseph. Thinking about him and my life in Sarasota has sparked a writing binge. Of course I have something more pressing to do which is also a good motivator.

As I’m packing them up I noticed a letter written on green construction paper. The signature is a capital H and a smile. The H is for Heidi and the green because she was born on St. Patrick’s Day. I have several great stories that involve Heidi. I recruited her as a fag hag when I was working at an ice cream store and she was in sales at Lane Bryant. We ravaged the French Quarter and even lived together in a mini retirement home for a short time. The letter was in response to me moving in with someone I was dating.

I had such good luck finding Joseph I decided to put my skills to finding Heidi. My luck didn’t hold though. The closest I found was a posting on a hurricane Katrina “Looking For” website dated September 2005. It said “Heidi, try to call home we want to know if you’re alright”. Nothing else showed up on any of my searches.

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