Sunday, August 29, 2010

Leaving San Diego 12

Among my personal correspondence were my awards. Three were large impressive looking documents I always meant to have framed but never seemed to get around to it. One was signed by the former Mayor of San Diego, One signed by the former Governor of California and the third presented to me by the San Diego City Council.

Mayor Dick Murphy stepped down after being referred to nationally as “The Worst Big City Mayor”, former Governor Grey Davis was recalled to be replaced by The Terminator and one of the men who signed my document from the city council died of a heart attack before he went to trail for accepting bribes from strip club owners. History has lessened my initial pride in receiving these documents.

In the trash next to the thick paper and gold seals went a crystal award for business speaking. This honor was bestowed on my be the Golden Triangle Chamber of Commerce at a banquet in honor of me and the other recipients for “Outstanding Contributions to the Business Community”. I used to have it displayed in my office with the sun shining through it. That way clients couldn’t help but see how outstanding I was.Of course if they visited any other chamber members offices they’d see we all had them and our outstanding contributions were actually just paying our membership dues on time.

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