Friday, August 6, 2010

Leaving San Diego 5

The final word still hasn’t come in for whether or not I’ll actually be moving to Atlanta. I would say it’s about a 75% chance. It’s ok though. Those are still good betting odds so I continue getting things ready. I start telling people.

“Atlanta? You? In the South? you’re going to hate it” I’ve heard this a few times in a few different versions. But these friends don’t realize I’ve lived in The South before. I moved to New Orleans in 1985 from Missouri. I know about the heat, I know about the humidity. But what my friends that really know me worry about is how I’ll deal with the stupidity. The racism. I’ve dealt with that before too, though. After all I’m from Missouri and was raised by white trash.

The nice thing about the announcement that you’re leaving an area is you do get taken out to lunch and dinner by almost everyone you know. Nothing like a sense of scarcity to fill up your social calendar.

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