Thursday, August 12, 2010

Literary tidbits

... he looked me in the eye and his voice became very serious "you are the brightest star in the night sky". I was surprised at how sincere he sounded. On paper that statement would sound corny but I think he really felt it. His eyes got a dreamy far away look in them for a moment then he seemed to focus on something behind me and said "Oh wait, THAT star is much brighter. See it? over there" ...


Darla jolted awake in his arms with an epiphany. "he only has sex with me because I do his laundry" she thought to herself " and I'm better at laundry than he is at sex"


I saw the look on her face when she met my eye. It was something between fear and loathing. Fear I was going to approach her or loathing that I wanted her. I've seen it too much to let it go this time. I approached her.

"I know you think I"m staring at you" I said not giving her a chance to respond. "You're afraid I'm lusting after you or that I'm going to hit on you. Stop flattering yourself you're not that desirable. Besides what world do you live in? What rules are there in your head that whenever someone is looking at you they must want something from you?.. Well I don't want anything from you so you can relax

"Oh by the way, can you let me know when you get ready to leave? I would really like this table it's closest to the electric outlet."

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