Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Leaving San Diego 15

I still have to deal with the storage unit and now the days are ticking away. It’s official and the one way plane ticket to Atlanta is bought and paid for. It’s the large stuff from my old bedroom from when I lived with the agoraphobic roommate that is the biggest problem right now. A bed, two night stands, two large book shelves and a desk. It was from Ikea but has been sitting in storage for half its life. It's still good furniture but by just sitting there it was costing me money. Well in reality it’s been costing me money for a couple of years but now it was serious.

I have had luck before giving things away via Craigslist and so I had to turn to that now. I placed an ad at 9 am and by 12:30 had 45 emails. Some begged on behalf of children and some offered money but I answered the first one that sounded like a guy. He said he was a student just getting started in life at school. It tugged at my heart so I made arrangements to meet him at the storage unit at about 4pm and then kicked myself for not doing this months ago and saving a fortune in rent.

At 3:30 I got a call asking for directions. That call was followed by another call at 4:14 for directions then again at 5:00. I thought this guy must really be new to the area and I was really doing him a favor. What a great guy I am. Now he won’t have to sleep on the floor after studying like crazy to get through school.

He finally pulled up in a brand new truck followed by his father who was also in a brand new truck both with Mexican license plates. This stuff wasn’t for a poor college student after all. It was most likely for a shop in Tijuana or the weekend swap meet in San Diego. I was being taken advantage of but I still needed to get rid of this stuff so I bit the bullet and helped them load up both trucks and didn’t say a word.

After they pulled away I locked up my now half empty storage unit, walked over to the dumpster and threw away all the carefully labeled bags containing the hardware they would need to reassemble the furniture.

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