Saturday, July 4, 2009

ADD and the bouncing mouse.

Yesterday I made it to the beach and did some good editing on an essay called "My Double Life". It's about me in high school and how wild I was secretly. At least I assume it was secretly.

I also looked at places to submit essays. Most are for kids and high school students and the rest aren't really looking for my style of writing from what I can tell. I do have an essay about family vacations from when I was a kid. It's pretty clean and pretty wild and this would be a good time to write about vacations. Unfortunately that would mean more bouncing around in what I'm currently working on. A very bad habit of mine. It's almost like working solidly on one project forces my mind to think about what else I could be doing instead or guessing what would be a better project for my time.

I understand DaVinci would do the same thing. .. when I read that it gave me the idea for my storyline about Leonardo and his apprentice.... but I've been able to put that aside until another time.

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