Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bill Gates our first Super Villain

Bill Gates has announced that he's submitting an application for a variety of patents that will "calm" a hurricane. The technology would cool the water under a hurricane basically stopping the energy fueling the storm. Sounds great.. right? Think of all the damage and loss of life that could be avoided by stopping the next Katrina or Andrew.

BUT.. what if this is the tip of the iceberg? Who pays to have a hurricane calmed? and if you can calm one can you guide one? For example.. "If Disney doesn't switch over to Internet Explorer then Florida gets it". Changing the temperature of the ocean also means you can control rain on the coasts. You want your crops to live? stop bitching about Windows crashing.

This sets up Bill Gates to be our first Lex Luther style super villain. Maybe he'll get an island shaped like a skull or at the very least he can shave his head and get a cat to stroke while directing his minions.

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