Saturday, July 25, 2009

a Saturday in July

If I'm to write every day then I can't rely on an excuse not to write. Currently I'm trying to fly from Atlanta to San Diego. A dilemma I've found myself in before.

It's really only slightly annoying since I feel at home on a plane after logging over 200 thousand miles in the past 12 months. The fun part is listening to the people around me complain, threaten and demand their rights. One family has already deplaned announcing that they would get their money back, get their luggage and be flying home tonight on a different airline. The dad was an obvious bully.. or was bullied enough he thinks this sort of thing would work. People that really have that much power don't fly coach.

I think part of the passenger problem also stems from the fact that it's tourist season and many of these people aren't seasoned flyers at all.

I'm preparing for my fast like a junky knowing he's going to jail. I've had ice cream, two cokes and a subway sandwich with bacon! It's working though. I'm feeling a little sick to my stomach and food is one of the last things on my mind.

I'm reading a fantasy book written by a woman which is something I usually avoid. I'm noticing recurring themes that are starting to annoy me. I like to see wars, fighting and swords and she loves to write about secret homes a heroine who likes to bake and pages and pages of lame sex descriptions. I'm actually skipping ahead in some places.

But.. she's published and must have a following. Now that I'm reading to learn about writing I should be dissecting how she does her descriptions more so than how she extends her plot. Much of it feels like padding that she hopes will give the story depth and richness. I'm sure for some people it does. Perhaps the problem is I'm really reading this book for pleasure and I'm stuck with as one of my few sources of entertainment while stuck on the ground here in Atlanta.

I can feel the pull to start a new project. It's a bit like an urge to rob a bank. It starts small enough with a justification like.. I can finish a script faster than I can finish an essay. Or I can enter a contest or submit an article and it won't take much time away from my current project. The project that is supposed to be foremost in my mind.

I'll stick to it though. Continue to jot down some of the information that comes to me and that I see in the world around me but diligently and begrudgingly sometimes, finish my essays.

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