Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rotten Kid (and parent) Night at the Movies.

It was a hot day in Sarasota and one of the best places to go to escape the sun and fun is the movie theater. I wasn't quite ready to shell out 10 bucks for a movie so it was off to the dollar Theater. Which is really two dollars now.

Of course at a cheap movie theater the movies are older so it's a little more difficult to find something worth seeing.. even for two bucks. We settled on Aliens vs Monsters. Which for some reason I thought was more like Aliens vs Predator. It was not.

I guess because this is Florida and the average age is in the 50's I forgot that kids may actually come to a kids movie. It also never occurred to me that Thursday night was rotten kids night. Of course we all know behind every rotten kid is at least one rotten parent that needs to be slapped.

One woman and child sat down a few rows in front of us in one of the few rows that had any people at all. She looked over at the other people down from her, grabbed her kid and said "Come on we're moving. We're not sitting next to that man who nearly crushed your head". At this point I went from passively listening to intently eavesdropping. "People are too rude and I won't sit by them" was her follow up comment.

The alleged head crusher was unmoved and didn't reply. Of course now he and his family had the row to themselves. Maybe that was the head crushing motive in the first place. The best part was then the mom and the nearly crushed child started throwing popcorn at each other making a huge mess. I guess she felt It's only ok not to give a shit about others if one of the others is not you. After their messy game the young boy didn't want to sit next to his mom and was allowed to sit across the aisle. Smart move really. Since several of us wanted to crush his mom's head.

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