Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vacations.. a new idea

I'm not very happy with my progress.. I seem to only be able to get 2 good pages a day for some reason. At this rate I'm looking at over a year to finish my current project! AND.. I have a lot of it written out already. It's probably just a matter of doing it more and getting better at it.

I read a few blogs and suggestions on how to write and keep at it and the consensus is write write write. Write something bad and fix it or just learn your craft more. It is also suggested to read more. Make sure you read a variety of different genres. Something I don't do much at all.

On my current essay I 'm reading over it and feel it's missing something in the construction. Maybe point of view or glossing over of some details and observations I had at the time. I wish I was a little bit crazier.. maybe have a phobia or obsessive disorder. Alas.

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