Monday, July 20, 2009

False impressions of writing.

I've had a few false impressions of what it is to be a writer. I blame writers. If you see a movie and there's a writer having a problem in their craft it's never a problem staying disciplined or a problem trying to work a job while writing. It's always a problem coming up with an idea. Otherwise known as Writers Block.

This is a common misconception since if I tell someone I'm not doing as much writing as I wanted to or thought I would they always say the same thing "writers block"? I have the opposite. I can write down hundreds of ideas for stories, characters or settings but the real problem is the actual work of doing the parts that aren't fun. Editing and crafting. Though I am getting better at that too.

I had also avoided reading other peoples works thinking that I didn't want to let anything someone else wrote seep into my own work. As I read more and more about writing and being successful I'm realizing this is a mistake. It would be like a painter not looking at any other art for fear of copying what they do. So now I read more and sample a lot of different styles as part of the process.

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