Thursday, July 23, 2009

The coffee shop

Sometimes a real setting can be a little too surreal than a made up one.

Here tonight is a dark skinned drag queen with white spots from a fungal infection I recognize. She's talking to the young boy that's near homeless that wants to be a drag queen but can only buy clothes at second hand stores and isn't quite pulling it off.

The boy serving tonight has a shaved head but swears he's not a skinhead. He's from North Carolina and has said he misses wrestling.

Along one wall is a boy that's drawing and watching his monitor on his computer. He's very small wearing what must be size 26 waist pants and is about 5'5". A picture with no reference point would make him look like a tall man.. but he is a miniature.

Talking to him is the guy we refer to as "shirtless guy". The one sided discussion consists of shirtless guy talking about how the money system in the US needs to change. He swears sliver will out perform gold because gold is not consumed in manufacturing. The amazing thing about this economic genius is I believe he's homeless.. or close to it.. too.

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