Monday, July 27, 2009


Fasting log

Pre-Fast Entry.

I've decided to fast but haven't decided for how long. I'm making a move and will be in San Diego staying in a friends house. He's gone most of the time so there won't be the push to go out to eat and share meals. I found that to be the biggest problem in the past. So much of our social bonding is based around eating and drinking.

In the past when I've gone on a fast it was supplemented with large quantities of vegetable juices freshly squeezed myself. This is expensive and I don't have a juicer anyway. I like the idea that a fast can save a lot of money as well as all of the other benefits. So I'm going to try it this time with no juicer and no huge grocery bill for organic carrots.

So with no groceries to buy what am I doing to prepare to benefit from time without caffeine and sugar? Eating a lot of caffeine and sugar. I seem to have adopted the attitude that I'll be fasting soon anyway so why worry about it? Of course I realize that means it will take longer to see any benefits but that's how it goes.

Instead of full on fresh organic juices this time I'm going to supplement with thin broths and watered juices. I have a feeling this will make me feel pretty lousy but I won't have to be around anybody or do any work outside of writing for a while anyway.

Other activities.

I've found it's important to have other activities while fasting for two reasons. One to keep you from thinking about food. Two because if you cut food out of your day you're given 1.5 - 3 hours of your day back and you have to fill them. Otherwise you're back to the first reason.

I can walk. I like to walk and like walking in San Diego. I've also been doing a lot of photography lately and this would be a good opportunity to take some pictures and get a little better. I've also never really explored the public transportation system in San Diego and this is as good of a time as any.

Maybe some yoga and tai chi? more likely I'll also pick up a video game.

So what do I expect?

I expect headaches and some weight loss. Probably 10-15 lbs quick and early but after that it's unknown.

I've been reading fasting journals and a lot of people have a "transition" day. This is sounding more and more like a good idea. Mostly because it means I can put off my fast for another day? I'm worried that if I lose a lot of weight I'll have a lot of saggy skin. Particularly around my waist and on my face. I take pride in not looking the same age as the other people in my age group and really want to keep it that way. Of course I also have a history of family members dropping dead at 50 years old because of poor eating habits meet bad genetic make up. So I guess I can set aside a little vanity to increase and improve my quality of life. And.. I'm low on clothes right now
anyway so it's a good time to make what I do have not fit.

Shopping list:

Tape measure... to check my progress
Garlic and onion for my last meal
Lemon juice
Potassium tabs
Vegetable broth cubes
Water in large bottles
psyllium seed caps
Teas, mint, chamomile, green... and maybe something else.
Yoga, Tai Chi, breathing exercizes.

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