Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An off day

Every once in a while something happens in your surroundings... or in your interior that just put you off for the day. You walk through your house or your space like everything you had memorized was shifted one inch to the left.

Today has been one of those days for me so far and it's only noon. I've left my wallet at the apartment because I spent my normal "getting ready" time trying to find my book. It was right in front of me but somehow invisible.

The coffee shop though weird at the best of times was a little off today too. The table I normally sit at was occupied and the other table had a bicycle propped up against it. This isn't right... this isn't right at all! I weedled a place for myself and went for coffee. Of course none of the coffee cups I normally use were available.

It's ok. I'm not entirely inflexible it just means an extra refill later since the ones that are around are smaller. The coffee dispenser is the type you place your cup under and pump ever so gently start the flow steaming hot beverages. Easy enough unless it's your "off day". I gently dispensed steaming hot beverage on the floor and on my shorts. ... and like I said... it's only noon.

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