Tuesday, July 28, 2009

catching up

just catching up....

Ever get a book and you want just track down the author and slap her and say.. "NO.. you stop it now... do it right". That's where I am in the book I'm reading now. It's a fantasy novel and I read that genre for rich cultures, fantastic characters and epoch battles. This woman writes like it's a Danielle Steele novel with a purple dragon thrown in to get the nerdy guys to buy a copy. She has literally written hundreds of pages describing various secret houses and the the nearly immortal hero doing dishes and wanting to cook for here. Seriously?.. I mean.. come on.. seriously?

I've been away from San Diego for a solid 6 months now and before that I was only part time for a year and a half. It's interesting reconnecting with people I would see around and some that were friends. For me it's like a time machine and I've come back in the future. Some of the guys look older and more than once I let slip "Oh how the years have ravaged your once youthful face!". Not everyone takes it well for some reason.

My camera is making everything fuzzy. I think I changed a setting and don't know how to put it back. It's pretty bad when my $400 camera doesn't take pictures as well as my Iphone does. The park was great though. There are few city parks as nice as Balboa Park in San Diego.

I'm still fasting and even though I've done it before I forget how much you're bombarded with food every day. I woke up this morning to the smell of cooking bacon coming through the window. At least I think it was bacon. I've been fooled by flies landing in the lamp before.

I haven't noticed any changes from fasting. Maybe a little more tired but I don't see too much of a difference. Clothes don't feel like I'm losing weight and I don't feel any of the damn clarity I read about. And what's this crap about feeling more spiritual.. that's bull.. Crap.. why am I doing this stupid fast? .. Possible irritability.

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