Saturday, July 11, 2009

writing what I read and read about writing.

Being in Sarasota has opened some emotions. I'm seeing people who never left and a few that have left and come back. It's been interesting seeing people who in my opinion are no better off. Of course if I take too close of a look at my own situation I may find the same thing. I guess the only difference really is the route I took.. and that's always been my goal anyway.

I had a dream that I became one of the guys who has thrown off all worldly goods.. in a way. Instead I vowed not to buy anything new. I was being interviewed and I said "I'm not really doing this as a protest but just to prove our country is so rich that anyone can live will without buying anything new". Later I found it difficult finding specific things when I needed them .. like you can when you make a run to Target.

This may come from not having a lot of possessions right now. I've gone through a lot of reductions over the past few years and all in all don't really mind. Sometimes I miss having a lot of different types of clothes and a tv. No tv has been a good way to keep hours from getting eaten up in nonproductive activities.

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