Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wrote yesterday... writing today.

I've done it. I've written every day and have actually been productive in the process.

Today I'm writing at a local coffee shop Big E's. The E of Big E is Eric and once upon a time he worked with my ex at the now defunct Aurthur Anderson. He took a buy out on his 35-40k a year job and started a coffee shop.

It's typical of a lot of small coffee shops started by individuals. Mismatched furniture off the shelf cups for coffee and food prepared here. Though places like this are easy to find on the streets of San Francisco and New York I think this is the only one in Sarasota. It draws a lot of people that I would call psuedo homeless. Older kids that are trying to avoid home. People who live on sailboats that need some time without movement and more than a few crazies. It's cute.. it's quaint.. I fit in.

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