Friday, July 24, 2009

My life vs Trainspotting

Last night a friend and I watched Trainspotting. The fifth or sixth time for me and the first time for him. How does someone make it this far in a free world and not see Trainspotting? One word answer is Homeschooling.

After you watch a movie several times you can take the time to look for ideas or meanings you may have missed the first few times. Last night I compared my life to Renton's.. he's the skinny Scottish Heroin junkie played by Ewan McGregor. PS.. you get to see his penis in the movie.. if you haven't seen it already. As a matter of fact you can see Ewan's wang in about every movie he does up until Star Wars.

So you must be asking yourself how my life and his compared. The answer is not very much. I don't have friends that will screw me over, I don't live with my parents, I don't pick up underage school girls in bars (or boys for that matter), I'm not skinny, I don't have an accent, I don't live in Scotland.. etc etc. As a matter of fact the only thing I can even semi relate to is the drug issue.

Of course this is a loose comparison since I've never been ok with drugs or the people who do them. I'm only barely ok with people who are ok with other people who do drugs. But I digress. But I did see a pattern. He did drugs to beat boredom and to feel better. While I don't do heroin I have done that with brownies or M&Ms. I haven't stolen from my parents or robbed tourists in the bathroom to support my habit but that's just a matter of time and circumstances.

I'm sure I'll be ok though. Looking at how heroin nearly destroyed his life and how easy it was for Rent and his friends to ignore staying in a delapitated building with no furniture while they shoot up alerted me to the signs of that personal decay. If I ever find myself in an abondoned house with a rubber band around my arm and a bowl of candy coated substance I'll seek help or just end it there.

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