Monday, July 13, 2009

writing every day

Writing every day.

I spent some time in the public library yesterday. I had a little bit of a different experience since looking around now I didn't just see books I saw the work of authors instead. I think the effort and work of being an author is lost on the people who don't actually try to write a book.

I have to wonder how anyone can write full time and not get very very fat! Or maybe they do. I've only seen a handful of authors up close and in truth the ones that weren't obese were chainsmokers. I'm unsure which route I should choose.

I watched the movie Stranger Than Fiction. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I had avoided it because I assumed it would be like all of the other Will Farrell movies out but he actually played a mostly serious role. The character of the assistant was played by Queen Latiffa who I feel like I should dislike in movies but just can't. Her character was a little pointless other than replacing a narrator for the author character. I found it a bit clunky but maybe nobody else noticed so it was a good move on the script writers part.

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