Monday, July 6, 2009

The spirit of crazies.

I write best in coffee shops. Probably because of the limited things you can actually do in a coffee shop and the fact that people are watching or may happen by and you have to be doing something.

The downside of course is the other crazy people that hang out in coffee shops. My current writing hang out is no different. Maybe even a little more intense. I literally see some of the same people every day.

Skinny Olive Oyl looking Jehovah's witness lady who is online doing some sort of business and having the occasional religion chat. She has business cards posted at the laundrymat and a few bulletin boards in the general vicinity. they're handwritten but I still don't know what it is she does.

The kinda Irish guy. He has an accent or he has such control issues he's over controlled how he speaks giving it the feeling of an accent. When he's not sitting and staring he's chatting with a few of the other regulars about conspiracy.. his latest... french fry tax.

Chess Master guy. I don't really know if he's a master or not but he does have people meet him so he can discuss games. When he plays though he has a running commentary including the phrase "uh oh spaghettios".... seriously

Sunglasses indoor guy. He comes in to play chess with Chess Master guy and wheres his sunglasses even though the inside is a bit underlit. I found out yesterday he has a black eye.. maybe a full contact chess match got a little out of hand.

Poker Program guys. These two guys speak as though they were reading a script written by someone who wants to sound smarter than he is. "What is that perplexed and annoyed look you have on your face?" They're writing some sort of poker playing program and are smarmy in their self importance.

Fat chick and her chickens. A classic case of someone who isn't as thin as she thinks she is. Her chubby kids are just as bad and constantly bull through the shop knocking over chairs and bumping tables.

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