Wednesday, July 15, 2009

That's them... not me.

The "that's them but not me" attitude is one of the reasons white people can be so successfully immune to racial comments. We don't really see each other as brothers so when someone makes a comment like white people have no rhythm we translate that as "those other white people have no rythm... but they don't mean me". Unless of course you truly have no rythm then you just laugh a little and try to get on with your day.

This comes up because I've been watching documentaries on fundamental christians Jesus Camp, Because the Bible Tells Me So.. etc. I've also been reading responses to these films and I see a few trends popping up. All of the people in these films are white. The responses from people who don't like what they saw but still consider themselves Christian is a version of "That's them.. not me".

They're wrong.. from a distance they all look alike. They all have the same kind of crazy dissasociation with logic... though some are less verbose about it.

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