Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fast update

Fast update...

When I was doing business training and speaking I found that we like to add things to our lives our routines to try to fix whatever may be going wrong in our lives. For example... "what can I do to _______?" (lose weight, improve my balance, attract hummingbirds, make better cheese.. etc.) Rarely do we ever ask "what can I stop doing".

Fasting is the perfect example of "what can I stop doing". But it's not easy. I gave myself Sunday in San Diego to eat some of the local food since I missed it so much! So Monday was the official first day of my fast. I was ready.

Monday morning I did a few things to get started. I measured around my waist. Not where my pants are measured but up above my belly button. You see.. a guy can wear 28 inch waist pants while having a gut that looks like he's carrying twins. I wouldn't say I looked pregnant.. but... you know those kids that Sally Struthers is always trying to feed. The ones with the distended stomachs? I look like I ate one of them.

I wanted to weigh myself too but alas there is no scale here. I did weigh a week or so ago in Florida so I'll go with that weight for now. Maybe there's a scale at one of the grocery stores. Btw.. if you're waiting for the numbers.. keep waiting.

The first day went well even though it tends to be the hardest. Part of the fast will be getting off of coffee but I didn't want the withdrawal headaches so I limited myself to two cups. The idea was also to limit myself to water and teas. I bought some bullion cubes.. that's like meat tea.. and I have to admit I had a few beers at a friends house.. that's like.. hops tea. I felt a little tired but not that noticeably .. maybe the nachos and burritos from Sunday were working over time.

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